Getting Out Of Hibernation


& Welcome, to my official blogging comeback!

"Does anyone even read blogs anymore?" was literally the first thought I got as I started typing, a quick google search put my mind at ease, I shall after all still have 70% of the internet's users as a potential audience; If I reach them or not is a separate subject.

It's been at least two years since I did this last and I feel a certain nervousness creeping on me as I write. My fingers don't remember the pain of typing a couple of hundred words a day anymore, my back doesn't remember the strain of sitting upright on a chair, staring at the screen in front of me for hours at a stretch; Who am I lying to and why, I'm definitely sitting on a mattress without back support, curved like a cat frozen in the spotlight in a cliched Halloween movie, laptop on my lap where it truly belongs. I surely am straining my back way more than I would on a good chair, I also probably will have horrendous back issues as I age, they run in the family anyway. Although this isn't the time to ramble about my joint pain crisis, I WILL inevitably return to the topic in my future writing given that my incessant whining game is STRONG, but, for now, I shall try and limit the subject to why I took a break from writing and what the future of this blog may hold.

When I initially started sharing my work online on BomBaeBun, I was 16 and jobless (If you're wondering - I do still occasionally cringe at the thought of how I added the abbreviated "bae" as a replacement for bay in BombayBun ((the name was conceived because I was born and raised in Mumbai and I really like bun maska)) and thought it was a splendidly apt site name for me); Two years in, I was actively modeling, managing social media accounts for multiple brands, studying for two degrees and ideating how to establish my e-commerce front! I'm sure we can all agree on the fact that for a teenager that's chronically depressed and anxious, this responsibility heavy schedule wasn't exactly the smartest decision.

But, I was struggling financially and my motivation to work hard and support my family ran at an all-time high and I pushed myself to do it all, I felt proud of myself despite the exhaustion and I didn't wish to give up the privileges I had worked so hard towards, I absolutely didn't wish to give in to my circumstances.

Therefore, the most expected thing happened, my mental health dipped, worse than ever at that.

Taking that into consideration, I came through on any work commitments I had already made and attempted not taking up too many jobs till I feel better (the initial decision was to quit working entirely for a short bit but the workaholic in me went into a confused frenzy, not knowing what to do with having most weekdays free). The blog was my biggest full-time commitment when it came to working hence, it was obviously the first to go when I began tapering off work.

I also dropped out of my fashion degree (this is a lengthy story, for another day perhaps).

I stopped scaling the e-commerce section next. The modeling continued although, at a much easier and slower pace, my manager, my family, and I cohesively thought it was career suicide to stop modeling right around the time my work's starting to get international recognition. Plus, it was the highest paying and least time consuming of all the work I pursued; Not if you count effort by hours spent working in a day, I've worked 16 hour shifts countless times in my career as a model.

Guess what though? The break surely helped and I'm managing work-related stress better than ever before! I slowly got back to digital media consultation assignments. My eCommerce front is being built as you read this post; and the best outcome of all, I am finally physically creating all the art I was only cooking up in my head.

Over a little period away from deliberate and continuous content creation, I also realized how comfortable I am with the idea of not sticking to one aesthetic or one field. As an early teen, I put an immense amount of pressure on myself to select a professional specialization and doing just that, we're all told to do so more often than not by the whole wide world around us. At this point, I realize I'm good at several things and there's no harm in doing them all as long as I don't feel too stressed. Also, the number of people I come across practicing multiple professions and education at the same time are more than ever in the statistics of my experiences, which eases my mind a fair bit too!

Coming to what the future of this blog may hold - I'll say a little bit of everything I hold interest in. I shall be writing about personal fashion and industry tidbits, makeup and personal care, mental health, and sexual well being, my travel adventures with an addition of food this time around. Maybe even web series and movie reviews. All sprinkled with healthy doses of my voice and opinions. It is MY blog after all.

If you would like me to cover a specific topic or write to me or contribute to the blog, please email me at

I intended to return to the new website with all of my old blog archives and small mock pages of the two websites that my old readers witnessed, would've been a small trip down the memory lane, but I've had an unlucky stint with my backup drives the whole of last year and lost most of my content. As sad as I was to lose years of work, I am excited to create more than I ever did before.

I guess we can consider this blog a new beginning of sorts and I'm feeling good about it!

Cover Photo by Jagrati Marwaha