House Of Three Lookbook

June 29, 2018

Photography   - Mrinmai Parab
       Creative Direction + Styling     - Shashank Shiralkar & Toshada Uma
   MUAH     - Jason Arland
                          Talent      - HUMHU & Toshada Uma
Film     - Dhruvin 

Featuring ASLIHA by House Of Three, a Prêt collection inspired by Mughal artillery; Created by the Founder & Designer of the label Sounak Sen Barat.

Zulfikar Tux Jacket & Linen Palazzos


Garhiya , Nawak & Lesha






The Label described this collection as a marriage of contrasts, a description it truly adhered to. It is a beautiful concoction of light, easy to wear fabrics and intricate workmanship. 
This is the same contrast that resonated with me, made me feel eerily familiar to a feeling of love so settled and comfortable with all it's quirks, easy despite of it's complex nature. 
A major influence behind the styling on this particular project was this very feeling.

A team that incentivised all my whims and ideas on the shoot day with their excellent individual styles and ability to work improv, was truly the cherry on the cake!

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