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May 19, 2018


I’ve been seeing these cute little cropped sweatshirts that give a sneak peak to your lingerie everywhere and wanted one really bad, y’all know I WILL take any and every opportunity to show off my bralette collection. I definitely am a lingerie for day wear kinda gal! Also, since we all have extra sweatshirts/ t-shirts lying around in our wardrobes, I thought I’d share this super quick and easy two step DIY tutorial with you guys!

You Need:
A pair of scissors
A sweatshirt/ t-shirt

Step One: Mark a line as shown in the picture below
Step Two: Cut along the line

Tip: Keep some weight (book, bottle, etc) on the top half and hold the bottom half to get a clean & curled edge.

I fitted the bottom half to my waist size and voila! it's a co-ord set.

If you guys try this DIY out, tag me in your pictures (Instagram - @toshadaa, Twitter - @toshadauma, FB - @toshadauma) or dm/ email them to me, I would love to see your final pieces!

Bralette - Shein

Vintage embroidered Denim Jacket is available for purchase on my Elanic app closet - look for Toshada Uma to buy that and more from my wardrobe!

That's all for today!
Toshada, signing off.

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