Dear Mother

May 13, 2018

Dear Mother,

There is no doubt in the fact that you are indeed the most beautiful woman I know,  inside and out and there is no doubt in the fact that I would never come across an entity as beautiful as you.

I know how extra I've been, even before birth! I mean, trying to pop out on the sixth month of your pregnancy??? or even the day long labour you had to go through on the eighth month before I did finally get out! I know it must've been tough and even though there were complications you stayed strong and made sure I was fine. Your pain killers gave me raging diarrhoea (unnecessary detail IK gross ew) as a new born and you took care of me single handedly enduring the pain and ditching the medication that troubled my frail system.

Growing up, you were always my best friend (that hasn't changed to this day), the first person I ran to announce all news, bad & good. I remember how hard you worked to make ends meet, to make sure I was well endowed with everything I needed, to make sure we had a secure roof over our heads and that amazing food was brought to my plate every single day and I never ran out of books to read, games to play or clothes to wear. You'd dance with me after long hours of working, no matter how exhausted you were!
However silly the things I said may be, you lent me a keen ear and heard me out. You always asked for my opinion about everything, may it be new furniture, a new project you were taking up, local news or anything at all really and for that I am eternally grateful, it taught me how important it is to not only voice my opinion but also to hear other people out.

When I was a tween and started getting hormonal and moody, I would pointlessly fight with you and yet, you were so patient and supportive. You understood my age and the care I needed like nobody else ever can.

In times when I felt depressed and shut myself away from the world, you taught me it was important to let people in and to keep working. When I did start working you would drop me to shoots and be there right on time to pick me up as well. You made sure I didn't miss out on great opportunities simply because I felt demotivated in that moment, you've always been my pillar of strength.

Mom, I owe to you my happiness, success and life. I don't know what I would do if you weren't around.
You mean the world to me Ma, I love you the most.

Happy mothers day~

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