How To Wear Black in Summer!

March 21, 2017

Black is a colour notorious for absorbing heat hence, making it a bad option for summer. However, most of us love the colour and would wear it (sort of uncomfortably) anyway. 

Here's how you could make an all black outfit work this summer:

>  Choose light fabrics like cotton or linen.
>  Wear loose, flowy outfits.
>  If loose and flowy is not your style, pick up fitted clothes with cutouts or short lengths so your skin can breath.
>  Dividers/ Skorts > Skirts to prevent thigh rubbing, rashes and sweaty inner legs. You could simply wear short tights inside otherwise.
>  Don't wear more than two layers of clothes.
>  Always keep a cap, a hat or a scarf handy. 
>  Try wearing light coloured shoes so your feet stay cooler.

Following the above points is how I created this post's outfit.
I'm wearing a crop top with a cutout back on top of a pair of skorts, an oversized hat & a choker. 






Outfit Details :
Top + Skorts - AJIO 
Hat - Zara 
Footwear - SSS
Choker - Coming soon to my store! 

Pictures by Vivek Vadoliya.
Instagram - @vivlbc

For more style inspiration on how to wear the colour black in summer, visit my pinterest board by clicking here.

That's all for today.
Toshada, signing off!

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