Fuse it!

October 25, 2016

Dressing up for Indian Festives can be quite tedious & being happy with the outfit you've put together + being comfortable seems like a far off dream. I highly recommend fusion pieces at such times. It can be a crop top paired with a saree, or a kurti paired with denims, the possibilities are endless. Not only do these little changes make your outfits more wearable, but also multiply the chic factor. 
In this outfit, I've paired a cropped shirt with black culottes & draped a colourful embroidered dupatta  as a pallu. I've matched the accessories to the colours in the dupatta. Tan shoes are usually my go to option with footwear that is to be coupled with ethnic wear.

Outfit Details

   Cropped Shirt - Custom made
           Culottes - Max Fashion
               Dupatta - Local/Amritsar
 Shoes - SSS
                                                        Earrings, Clutch - Arhban 
                                                               Septum ring - Quirksmith

That's all for today.
Toshada, signing off.

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