Piercings & Care with AJ Alva

September 22, 2016

I get a lot of questions regarding piercings, how to take care of them, where I get mine from, etc. Hence, I decided to take the questions to the expert himself! AJ Alva is a Bombay based piercing artist & has been around for quite some time. You can find him at Al's Studio.

Following is everything about AJ Alva, getting pierced & aftercare:

  • What drove you towards the culture?
Piercings & tattoos weren't common earlier & every time I saw someone with a piercing it was quite exciting as very few people around here had them. I was intrigued by this & wanted piercings on myself & I thought, "why not just make it my profession?"

  • What did you do before you were a piercing artist?
I was in the hotel line.I worked for a few fast food joints & then I was in Kuwait where I supervised a restaurant for two years.

  • How many piercings do you have & which one's your favorite?
I had about thirty, I'm not wearing them right now though. I think I liked my smiley the most but it was too much for my dentist to handle, it freaked the dentist out every time I opened my mouth so I decided to go easy. I still have my piercing though, I can wear it whenever I'd like to!

  • Which one was your first piercing & when did you get it? 
When I passed my tenth grade, my brother and I got a piercing gun & I pierced my own nipple. IT'S THE WORST THING TO DO! But, we were amateurs and trying to do something crazy.

  • Do you still have it? (wink)
No it kept getting stuck on doors (???!!) & I managed to hit myself there somehow, I'm very clumsy so, I got rid of it.

  • What's been your trickiest experience while piercing someone?
Some people walk into the studio with no idea of what they want so, I have to be the person telling them what would look cool.& then they want random parts of their body pierced. A guy recently got his eyelid pierced here & that's a real tricky one as it's slimy and you have to hold the eyelid with one hand plus the needle needs to be placed very carefully so it doesn't hurt the eye or isn't positioned wrong. That and genital piercings in general.

  • How do you expect your clients to ideally behave around you?
I just want them to feel free, I understand that everyone is a little scared but we can always make the spot of the piercing numb. I just want my clients to be not scared & relaxed, the more you're relaxed the better.

  • What would you say would be the general time a piercing takes to heal?
Sometimes it maybe a few weeks, a month or even upto six months. It depends on what body part, where you've gotten it done from, how well the person takes care of it. Some people's skin heals really fast & it may take only a few days for them.

  • What would be an ideal aftercare routine for a person who's recently gotten a piercing?
Soak the piercing in salt water, don't touch or fidget with the piercing & keep it clean.We give our clients aftercare kits that involve salt which is to be diluted in lukewarm water before soaking the piercing & homeopathic drops. Applying turmeric and oil helps too as turmeric is a natural anti septic & oil is a natural lubricant.

  • What would you say to someone who's about to get pierced?
Just take a deep breath & enjoy that. (giggles)

Thank you AJ for being a part of this. Show Al's studio some love here online, their website is www.alstattoostudio.com, Instagram @alstattoostudio, Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/AlsTattooStudio !

So, that's all for today

Toshada, signing off.

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