Faux Hair & Glory

August 06, 2016

So any of you who've followed me here or on my social media accounts for the slightest of time know very well how obsessed I am with my wigs. May it be my green bob or a long blue stranded one, I love my synthetic hair equally.  But I often face opposing & biased opinions against my false hair. To be honest I very much adore them. I love experimenting with my looks and they help so much. Plus they give me that extra boost of confidence I need when a huge bald patch shows up on my scalp overnight (due to alopecia) & play a crucial supporting role in my day to day life.
Since I opened up about my alopecia on instagram few months back, a lot of you guys have come up to me a spoken about your disorders related to hair loss and how you've been wanting to wear wigs & can't because your family doesn't permit them or your friends make fun of them. So, in this post I'm going to shine a little light on the benefits of faux hair & try to bring awareness and acceptance towards them. 
These synthetic strands may just be an accessory to most, but to us they're our weapons; they're our supporters. They are present to elevate us, to uplift us on bad hair days. They are an alternative to having a monotonous hairdo for ages. They are effective in covering up things that make us insecure.
To the people who think wigs are abnormal or undesirable- it's not about you. It is about the person wearing them, it is about them being happy with their appearance, it is about them feeling confident. Please don't shake someone's confidence just because you find something unappealing. Don't cause discomfort to people who are simply trying to do what they like. If you're having a hard time getting your mind around their appearance, which you shouldn't be having given it is someone else's body and someone else's appearance; try imagining yourself in their place. Try thinking of it like what if you'd lose your hair or simply, what if you were the one who liked to experiment with it. Maybe it should calm the unnecessary pit of opinions in you. 
To all my fellow faux hair lovers & wearers, don't be ashamed, don't be afraid. You have no one to please but yourself. If you like how you look go for it. Own those wigs/ extensions/ clip ons. Flaunt them. Your love for your appearance needn't be deferred by mere opinions of people that don't matter more than your personal satisfaction. Wear them like the fierce weapons they feel like. Slay! 

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