July 13, 2016

Since I got my septum pierced about two years back, a lot of you gorgeous people have come up to me and given me some really flattering compliments & also told me how much you'd like to have a septum piercing yourself; how you can't commit to it due to work or because your family wouldn't like it or simply because you don't want to go through all the pain. & hence, Quirksmith's beautiful handcrafted silver press on septum rings might just be what you're looking for! I tend to find press ons really annoying and I can't get myself to wear them for over an hour or so,but, I could wear these all day long without any sort of discomfort & don't even get me started on how pretty they look. And to add up to the quirk, they have really creative designs that are very flexible to style. I wore them in my ear and my septum and they fit flawlessly!!!

Collaboration with Quirksmith.
Shot by : Abhinav Kodam (@myfeetstories)

That's all for now.
Toshada, signing off!

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